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"We used this product on a trip to Cuba and it was freaking amazing. We loved having the ability to blow it up and have an extra comfort pillow anywhere we went. Totally recommend this product to anyone who travels and I think you will all love it too! " - Kyle from Los Angeles
"Awesome product! I recently took a flight cross country and noticed a gentleman that was using the EZ Sleep travel pillow. I asked him where he got it & how much cost. I ordered 2 when I arrived at my destination and was amazed at the prompt delivery! I have never been able to sleep on a plane, however the EZ Sleep pillow made my return flight was so comfy that I was able to nap for a couple hours. Thank you for coming up with the perfect travel companion. I will never travel without it!!" - Sharon from Tampa
"I fly 20 hours from Singapore to LA several times a year. This has been a great travel pillow because it's large enough to actually be comfortable, but also manages to pack neatly into my purse. Best part is I can sleep on it in multiple ways - lean it against the window or the back of the chair in front of me, or strap it to the armrest of the middle seat... it just works." - Su from Singapore
"I travel 100 times a year - I have tried many pillows to sleep on the airplane. This one is the best I tried, it gives me full support and comfort. You can even get a good rest in the aisle or middle seat, don't need the window seat to have something to lean against." - Kevin from Manhattan Beach
"This pillow was essential on our long flight to Europe. My wife and I just returned home from a trip to Europe and we were so pleased with this travel pillow we had to share our review. Our flight was 7 1/2 hours long and we knew we would benefit from sleeping on the flight over. We inflated the pillow and it allowed both of us to rest our heads against it to sleep and it also provided some privacy for my wife to continue sleeping when I woke up and wanted to watch a movie. We rolled up the pillow at the end of the flight and closed it with the velcro straps and it packed down to almost nothing. Great product!" - Mark from Portland
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